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CH Lips Gloss Exquis 278- 5,5ml


A long lasting gloss, subtly shaded, which takes care of the lips. It hydrates them, providing brillance and brightness.

The mousse applicator glides gently on the lips for more comfort and precision.

A soft gloss with a soft perfume making for irresistible lips…

Its light shade enables you to apply it alone or on your lipstick, to create a personal touch.

Formula :
- Light esters : enable to obtain a thin and comfortable protective film on the lips, while keeping them soft and supple.
- Blend of bright polymers : provide a bright and brillant finish to the texture.
- High viscosity oils : bring soft care to the lips without drying them, thanks to its film. Its maintains the hydratation of the lips.
- Gelifying agents : giving a soft and creamy touch to the texture.


Vejl. pris 249,00